PLL Fatal Finale Theory!

Well guys I know a lot of you think Mona is to be murdered during the mid-season finale - i agree. 

During episode 11, Tanner states that one of the girls is about to finally tell the truth. I think this is Mona as a means of showing Aria she can be trusted (some how?) 

Who do I think kills Mona? Alison? A? Aria? No. I think Mona’s killer is going to be Officer Holbrook, Not only will this act as a huge twist for the finale but I also feel that the Canadian promo almost confirms this.

"You’ve made quite a mess of things" 

I believe Mona had information surrounding Holbrook connected to either Bethany Young, Alison or A. Why do I think this? Well for one, from the struggle we can tell that there has been a struggle (broken glass etc.) and as a result I believe Mona has ended up on the floor. From the camera angle Holbrook is speaking down to someone… who I believe is Mona on the floor. 

The fact that it is Holbrook will be another one of PLL’s big twists and I believe that the whole reason why the show has made Toby join the police force is to ultimately discover Holbrook’s true motives! 

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